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Ergo & Cardano : PoW & PoS Interoperability

Both Proof of Stake and Proof of Work models can provide different benefits but, they can also be complementary and create a more robust blockchain ecosystem.

Multi-Stage Contracts

Bitcoin is the first UTXO based blockchain however its design isn’t meant for smart contracts. Ergo Blockchain uses extended form of UTXO(eUTXO) Model for handling smart contract operations. This is called as Multi-Stage Contracts. Ethereum on the other hand is using Acoount-Based Model. Account Based model doesn’t rely on unspent transaction output data but it relies on accounts data. In this type, smart contracts…

DeFi is the future of finance. It relies on blockchain, trustless systems and gives everyone a fair chance to participate. In this recap you will meet with Ergo Platform, what is it, why do you need to know, how to buy&hold and my personal views on it.

Disclaimer: Everything in this article consist of either technical informations or personal opinions so nothing here should be considered as financial advice. DYOR

What is Ergo?

Have you ever heard of EMURGO? It’s the parent company of Cardano and also of Ergo Platform. Ergo Platform is a blockchain protocol that is based on PoW type consensus…


Crypto Researcher & De-Fi Maximalist & Degen Ape

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